The Good News of God’s Redemption Work Plan

The Good News of God’s Redemption Work Plan



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To: Most Reverend,

Archbishops, Bishops, Priests,

Religious men and women and the entire community of God’s people,


Receiving the command of the Triune God, I must proclaim the Good News of God’s Redemption Work plan that has been implemented at 53/5 Ho Tung Mau, Ward 1, Bao Loc City, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam.

I am a Roman Catholic living in Western Australia, and living with my husband and a daughter, our family is living in the “Vietnamese -Western Australian Catholic Community”, in Perth city. WA (Australia).

I humbly enter into the matter: On September 10, 2021, early in the morning from about 6:00 to 6:30 A.M, I was awakened by a very loud and very serene voice rushing down in front of me. My face was like a veil over my face, and the word commanded me: “Go and proclaim the Good News and the work of the Lord in the God the Father’s House at Bao Loc city, Lam Dong, Viet Nam.” Since the name ” God the Father’s House” is God’s own revelation, the commandment of the Angel is repeated three times.

On the evening of Friday, October 15, 2021, when I was practicing singing with my brothers and sisters in the choir, the thought as commands of the Father’s power flooded my mind again, He rebuked the wrongdoing of the bishops, living in disobedience to God’s commandments, how many times God the Father has opened the door, sent the sheep, the people of God to write letters to present the works of the Holy Spirit at work. Acting at the “God the Father’s House mission, Bao Loc city, Lam Dong, Da Lat, Vietnam” presented to the bishop who is governing and administering the local Church, but they all objected, refusing to come to find out, investigate. If they judged that”those who are doing exorcisms are heretics”, then the pastor must go directly to pray and lay his hands on the power of God and our Mother Mary to save them and drive the demons out of this group, and they must have an act of love, carrying these lost sheep back to God, into the heart of the Church, but these shepherds with the authority and power to exercise these demons do not fulfill the responsibility that God has given them, bestowed upon them, and one Bishop even glorified the devil’s power to express his fear: “did I go there for you to cast a spell on me?” thus proving that they have a life out of the grace, authority, and power of the Holy Spirit, so they didn’t believe in the teachings of the Word of God, so they know in their hearts that they cannot use God’s Word to cast out demons, so the devil himself took advantage the bishop’s voice – used by the children of God as an instrument to glorify devil’s power. Bishop’s words: “Did I go there for you to cast a spell on me?”, also means that this pastor does not believe in God, so he does not know how to fear God but only fear the devil. Because of their fear of demons, these high-ranking officials were unable to fulfill God’s Commandment: “Worship God above all things and love everyone as God himself loves us”, if life does not go in the grace of the Holy Spirit, how can we fulfill the call of the Holy Father (pope Francis): “synodality together – or to be one in Christ, and Jesus is the head of the Church. And thus, it was these shepherds who separated the head of Jesus Christ, who is King above all kings, and Lord above all lords out of the Apostolic Church of God, and make their own heads as the head of the Church.

“God the Father wants you to tell the pastors that I have chosen that they must humbly apologize to Me and ask for the intercession of My Most Holy Mother (pastors, priests must humbly pray) with Mother Mary continuously with the Holy Rosary (12 Rosary, asking for the 12 graces of humility like Mother Mary and honoring Her as Queen of Heaven with 12 Rosary, which is also the symbol of her crown made of 12 stars and the 12 Chaplets of Divine Mercy are prayers for God’s saving work.) If they obey, they will be part of the instrument of glorification of God and the names of the priests will be inscribed in the Book of Life.

And God the Father guides and teaches priests who have false teachings, the teachings that they declare on Youtube (information network in Vietnam) completely not in the Bible are: “The devil can also heal”. Let this proclamation by the pastors prove to Me and to the whole Kingdom of Heaven and to the whole Church which is the kingdom that I have established on earth, and to those who are worshiping Satan: ” In the Bible, the Father’s Word in the power of the Holy Spirit is there a passage where God confirms that the devil heals the body and soul of the victims, and brings these sinners back to God? So which pastors claim “healing demon”,

So, what is this demonic healing based on? I tell you, because the devil is a rebellious species, in his mind there is only hatred, pride, carnage, destruction, jealousy; now the devil’s nature is completely devoid of the loving divinity of its Creator, completely walking in darkness, without the light of “God’s spirit of Truthfulness-Compassion-Beauty leading. The identity of love in every creature is a gift from God, animals when created, they live in love in the Garden of Eden that the Father has established, but since the fallen angel separates life from the Lord of the Universe, there is only death, the deceit in the devil. So just because Father loves humans, I have to come down to earth to free the creatures from the power of the devil’s death. If the devil can also heal, those shepherds trample on the “Work of Salvation”. of Father, and trampled on My Most Sacred Heart and Body. Father showed you the scheme and intrigue of the devil to cure diseases: for example, a patient is seriously ill, or accident (this disaster is caused by the sin of the sinner creating the door for the devil to execute the plan on the patient’s body and soul), the pain and accidents that occur on the body are caused by the body itself the devil it creates, and it directs this victim to witch who are Satanists who sell their souls to the devil, who are the devil’s instruments, they command the disease to disappear right on the victim’s body, in their metaphysical power it will stop its harmful activity, the devil it listens to the order to stop active, the disease does not develop, and in a short time, sickness and calamity pours down on the victim’s body, this make the victim think that the disease is in remission and then they come again to immolate for it to cure it, and so on its ultimate purpose is to cast that soul in hell and the souls become the instruments, the forces of the devil, creating the power to overthrow God.”

And now, daughter, listen to Me, obey Me and take courage, proclaiming that the Words of God spoken in the Bible are now fulfilled.

The Word became flesh (st. John 1:1-18)

“They were born, not of blood or of the will of the flesh, or of the will of man, but of God.”(st. John 1,13)

So the incarnation of angels into those chosen by the Father, and being born into the world, everything is in God’s commandment, are part of God’s saving plan, have been and are being carried out, now is entering the period when the legions of the heavenly kingdom are angels who come to earth to protect the Church, protect all mankind, the only reason is that in this day the devil king from hell has spread throughout the earth, dominating the heads of the Universal Church, and world and national leaders, of course, it certainly has controlled, tempted into  the “ego, passion, selfishness”, into the Vietnamese ecclesiastical authority, to turn the ecclesiastical leaders, authorities them as instrument for the devil king.

The Archangels who received God’s command to come down were all angels, archangels created by God at the same time as the demon king Lucifer and other fallen angels. Devils are the fallen angels and devils are (the humans committed grievous sins against God and after death become devils), it is countless countless numbers, it attacks into the air, the sea and the rivers. Therefore, the plan to protect humanity is united with the legions on earth that the Father has established, including the “Army of Light, the Army of the White Coat, ” along with the army of angels are the Archangels protect humanity, the Universal Church is also the Kingdom that God has established in the world, the Lord is good; happy are those who take refuge in Him” so the fact that “the angels of the Lord encamp around those who fear Him, and deliver them”. in Psalm 34 (33, 8)

Fulfill what Jesus said: “Very truly I tell you, you will see ‘heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending on’ the Son of Man.” (St. John 1, 51)

So, what I remind all priests or scribes, biblical doctors, who want to know and understand the Father’s teaching above: “Live again following the example of Jesus, and you will be filled with grace of the Holy Spirit enlightens and instructs, everyone who lives according to the Father’s instructions, even if they are Gentiles, also enjoy this blessing.

The new times and the day of the Lord, God Gives His Spirit.

 “And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days.” (Joel 2, 28a-29) 

This is the time when God gives the gift of knowing God, giving the grace of conversion, giving humanity the grace to know that only God is the only One, the Creator who created the Universe and all things, the “the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End” apart from God, there is no other god except God who created  the Universe, and any human being who believes in God and lives according to God’s words will be a child of God and will definitely receive “the armor of the mighty spirit, the power of the Holy Spirit” clothed the little ones of God with body and soul, protecting them when they cried out for help, when the little ones were “clothed by God.” armor of the Holy Spirit” then they will do supernatural things according to God’s will. They do so because they live by doing what God says: “Worship God above all things and love everyone as God loves us.” So, this saying has been fulfilled in a few places chosen by God, including “God the Father’s House” at 53/5 Ho Tung Mau, Ward 1, Bao Loc City, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam.

They live according to God’s instructions, according to the command of God our Father. And next, please transmit on my teachings and messages to priests and religious men and women to live as the Father teaches: Fasting in accordance with the Father’s teaching, because in the Bible has said that Jesus was your teacher who also had to fast.

When Jesus was on earth, he still went to the mountain every night to pray privately, when he returned to Heaven, the Father also prayed to God the Father, and even the heavenly kingdom is united with the Most Holy Mary also pray to God the Father through My Most Holy Heart in the union of the Holy Trinity. 

Out of love for humanity and out of love for My Father, your God, just as the Father loves Me, so I love you, look at the Passion that I suffered and how I died tragically, and because of the love I have because of the power of the Sacred Heart of God the Father has given Me in the union of the Holy Spirit, the mysterious Spirit of God the Father. And because of My absolute obedience, which is to be humble, to be lowest, love, obey, and obey the commands of God the Father, I have risen triumphantly, and by obedience this is what God the Father has allowed Me to breathe the Source of Divine Life into all men, “So in this New Age and the Day of the Lord”, which the Holy Trinity teaches and guides man day and night to accept the gift God gives and keep this gift ever more fruitful of the Holy Spirit by all of you: priests, religious men and women, lay people, pagans living according to what I teach through Chu Thien Thuong’s handwriting is:

–  Fasting continuously.

⁃ Pray with “the Army of Light” on “the path to Heaven” channel at the times the Father has set. 3:00 P.M, 7:30 P.M, 00:00 A.M midnight. 

⁃ Living in humility, self-humiliation, obedience, sacrifice, absolute believe and trust in God, love, forgiveness, daily intimate union with the Father through the Holy Eucharist, monthly confession, not condemning anyone, always know how to pray for those who have offended you.

⁃ If priests and religious, especially priests with high ecclesiastical positions, keep turning their backs on the graces given by the Holy Spirit, continue to dismantle the “Vineyard workers” that the Father has chosen, destroyed the plan of Father’s Redemption in the world, in the Universal Church, especially at God the Father’s House in Bao Loc, the Holy Spirit will help the priests themselves see their soul nakedness, without the cloth of God’s Spirit of life, also means that in the last hour My Word will judge them, and the Father God will tell them plainly: “I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!” 

⁃ In terms of humanity, how many times has My Heart cried and lamented with my daughter in the connection and blending of the Holy Spirit into your little heart, surely you still remember My words. to you: “You make me so sad, My Heart hurts for you”. My daughter tells the pastors and religious men and women I have chosen and My people to look at My Father’s Heart pierced for whom? Heart torn by the blade of spear, Blood and Water gushed forth, that is the word of love and forgiveness, the abyss of Mercy of King Jesus – King of Love given to humanity, go ahead come to receive My love, and say honestly that you love Me, and live as I teach, then you have kissed My Most Holy Heart, Father accepts this kiss because it is not a “Judas’ kiss”.

⁃ My daughter tells the world that I always want you to love Me, and love Me as much as I have loved you, because I am the King Jesus – King of Love – King of Peace – the king above all kings, God above all lords. I only need you to respond with love and you will comfort My Sacred Heart. My daughter, you promised to comfort My Heart by telling all mortals the heart of My love, so do it with the love you promised to give Me.

⁃ Trust in Father’s Mercy, in the name of Father’s Passion and Resurrection, enter safely into the Ocean of His Mercy, you will be blessed by the Holy Spirit who is the spirit of God. You regenerate and restore the innocence of our souls.

Peace for you. Father loves you very much. Loving father gives you all a thousand kisses.”

I am Yen Mai, please transmit the love letter of Father Jesus, also a dear goodbye to the pastors; men, women religious and the entire community of God’s people in the Universe.

Yen Mai

A sheep of God,

A useless servant of God,

Respectfully yours! 

Sr Truong Thi Tien translated Vietnamese into English

Jesus, I Love You!
Jesus, I Love You!
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