Monday the Thirteenth of Week in Ordinary Time – Mt 8:18-22 – God’s Word for Today

Daily Gospel


A reading from the Book of the Prophet Amos
Am 2:6-10, 13-16

Thus says the LORD:
For three crimes of Israel, and for four,
I will not revoke my word;
Because they sell the just man for silver,
and the poor man for a pair of sandals.
They trample the heads of the weak
into the dust of the earth,
and force the lowly out of the way.
Son and father go to the same prostitute,
profaning my holy name.
Upon garments taken in pledge
they recline beside any altar;
And the wine of those who have been fined
they drink in the house of their god.

Yet it was I who destroyed the Amorites before them,
who were as tall as the cedars,
and as strong as the oak trees.
I destroyed their fruit above,
and their roots beneath.
It was I who brought you up from the land of Egypt,
and who led you through the desert for forty years,
to occupy the land of the Amorites.

Beware, I will crush you into the ground
as a wagon crushes when laden with sheaves.
Flight shall perish from the swift,
and the strong man shall not retain his strength;
The warrior shall not save his life,
nor the bowman stand his ground;
The swift of foot shall not escape,
nor the horseman save his life.
And the most stouthearted of warriors
shall flee naked on that day, says the LORD.


From the Gospel according to Matthew
Mt 8:18-22

When Jesus saw a crowd around him,
he gave orders to cross to the other shore.
A scribe approached and said to him,
“Teacher, I will follow you wherever you go.”
Jesus answered him, “Foxes have dens and birds of the sky have nests,
but the Son of Man has nowhere to rest his head.”
Another of his disciples said to him,
“Lord, let me go first and bury my father.”
But Jesus answered him, “Follow me,
and let the dead bury their dead.”

God’s Message

Date 27/06/2022

Monday the Thirteenth of Week in Ordinary Time

(Mt 8:18-22)

The Word of God for Everyone,

Dear People of God,

Today’s word of God speaks of the conditions for following a vocation to a consecrated mission with Jesus Christ. It is the missionary vocation life of Jesus Christ that is an example, proof, and alive witness here on earth for all who want to commit themselves to walking the path of consecration to God the Father. In this world, there is only one example of the consecrated life of Jesus Christ, which is noble and perfect, there is no other perfect mission call.

The image of Jesus Christ’s perfect consecrated life is reflected in his two answers to those who ask to follow him, namely: “Foxes have dens and birds of the sky have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to rest his head and “follow me, and let the dead bury the dead”. Through those two verses, it is shown that: anyone who follows Jesus Christ will have to  work very hard place to place, no place is his only home, because to God all belongs to His house. Those who are willing to commit themselves to following Jesus Christ will have to accept difficulties and challenges like the image of Jesus Christ who went around the world preaching the Good News of God; here is not talking about the person of Jesus Christ who actually goes around the world, but of the living people who are his disciples who are the living images of Jesus Christ, going around the world to preach the Good News of God, calling people to repent and turn away from their sinful ways and return to Him. The life of going out to preach the Gospel is to accept a precarious life like one’s Master. God said that everywhere, in heaven and on earth, everything that exists is created by Him and belongs to God. Therefore, for those who follow Jesus Christ on the path of consecration do not worry about wealth, material things, houses in this world. Trust in God and His power and strength.

The Word of God wants to emphasize the renunciation of worldly attachments to those who follow God and keep trusting in the providence of God the Father. He also invites those who have followed the Lord to put God above all activities of their daily life. Let go of all wealth, material things and all the comforts of human life, and entrust ourselves to God’s mercy and loving providence of God the Father, keep working with peace of mind for God, He will take completely care of everything for us in this world. It is God’s call to those who want to dedicate themselves and walk on the path of vocation to the mission of being a prophet for God the Father.

Thanks be to God. Amen.

God bless you and peace be with you!

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