Monday of 14th Week in Ordinary Time – (Mt 9:18-26) – God’s Word for Us

Whoever doesn’t love does not know God, because God is Love. (1 Jean 4, 8)

“Courage, daughter! Your faith has saved you.”

Reading of The Day

A reading from the Booko of the prophet Hosea
HOS 2:16, 17C-18, 21-22

Thus says the LORD:
I will allure her;
I will lead her into the desert
and speak to her heart.
She shall respond there as in the days of her youth,
when she came up from the land of Egypt.On that day, says the LORD,
She shall call me “My husband,”
and never again “My baal.”I will espouse you to me forever:
I will espouse you in right and in justice,
in love and in mercy;
I will espouse you in fidelity,
and you shall know the LORD.

Gospel of The Day

From the Gospel accordin to Matthew
MT 9:18-26

While Jesus was speaking, an official came forward,
knelt down before him, and said,
“My daughter has just died.
But come, lay your hand on her, and she will live.”
Jesus rose and followed him, and so did his disciples.
A woman suffering hemorrhages for twelve years came up behind him
and touched the tassel on his cloak.
She said to herself, “If only I can touch his cloak, I shall be cured.”
Jesus turned around and saw her, and said,
“Courage, daughter! Your faith has saved you.”
And from that hour the woman was cured.When Jesus arrived at the official’s house
and saw the flute players and the crowd who were making a commotion,
he said, “Go away! The girl is not dead but sleeping.”
And they ridiculed him.
When the crowd was put out, he came and took her by the hand,
and the little girl arose.
And news of this spread throughout all that land.

Date 04/07/2022

God’s Love Message

Monday of 14th Week in Ordinary Time

(Mt 9:18-26)

God’s Word for Us

Dear People of God,

The word of God in today’s Gospel tells of how Jesus brought back the daughter of a dead ruler, and healed a woman who had been suffering from haemorrhage for 12 years.

The Word of God today tells everyone: God has done a stupendous thing that no one has ever done, that is, resurrecting the dead. God can do everything. Only God has the power to raise the dead. God is the only One who gives life to man. Besides, no one can give life to people. God can give all things and heal everyone, but God requires that the person cooperate with God with absolute trust in Him.

Today’s Word of God also speaks of the strong faith of a leader. He had the faith, absolute trust in the power and strength of God who can bring the dead back to life. It was because of that belief that God raised his dead daughter to life. This was an event that caused the whole world, as well as the Jews of that time, to admire and glorify God because they’ve never seen anyone do it before.

The Word of God also tells of the faith of a woman who had been bleeding for 12 years. She had suffered greatly from this disease for a long time. No matter everywhere she went for treatment, but no one could cure her, there is no cure for her disease except God alone. It was because she had absolute trust in God. Trusting in Jesus Christ’s power so she tried everything to just touch the fringe of His shirt; and from God emanated a power that cured the disease which had plagued her for so many years.

The Word of God today also only teaches everyone a lesson, that is: all those who want to be blessed and healed by God, to be preserved by God, must believe, trust completely in His the power and strength. God can do everything in this world, there is nothing that He cannot do; especially God is the Giver of life. Therefore, God invites all His children, who want to have Eternal Life, run to God, have absolute trust in Him, and do everything according to God’s commands of Love will have eternal life with God.

Thanks be to God. Amen.

Era of Holy Spirit – The Father’s House

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